"Rood" is an archaic word for "pole", from Old English rōd "pole",rodo, cognate to Old Saxon rōda, the relation of rood to rod, from Old English rodd "pole" is unclear.

Great, now half of the black males in Stockton are going to be arrested… Good description guys. 

Suspect: The suspect is described as a black male adult, 20-22 years of age, with medium length black hair. At the time of the battery, he was wearing a green zip-up hoodie and blue jeans.

Incident(s): On Friday at around 12:50PM, a female victim was preparing to exit the Locke building through the northeast stairwell. As she entered the stairwell, a black male grabbed her by the waist and pushed her to an area under the stairs and fondled her breasts. The victim was able to free herself from the suspect and escape.  No further information provided

Could be this guy…

Who knows? 

2 years ago